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Deep Earth Logic specializes in handling unique projects, which require advanced vibration and monitoring knowledge. Whether it's low frequency, sensitive electronics, or unusual vibrations, Deep Earth Logic would be excited to partner with you to accomplish your objectives.

When a major social media company prevented blasting from occurring during an expansion of the server buildings, the contractor and blasting company reached out to Deep Earth Logic to partner in meeting with the owner to explain the blasting process and how the vibrations could be controlled to prevent any harm from occurring at the existing servers and electrical infrastructure.  Over forty (40) blasts later, with a major portion of the blasts occurring within 100 feet), the rock was safely excavated with zero impact on the operating servers.  Deep Earth Logic's scientific approach to the project eliminated any doubt about the control and safety of the daily blasting and resulting vibration as quantified by Peak Particle Velocity, frequency, and acceleration.

When a development company needed assistance in understanding the impact of train and road vibrations on an existing structure and the possibility of using the existing structure as a medical research facility, Deep Earth Logic partnered with the development company to use specialty seismographs and equipment to record the acceleration and peak particle velocity caused by the trains and vehicles at all levels of the building.  This information was then provided to the owner and potential tenants to determine if the levels of vibration would affect the MRI's or other research medical devices.

Deep Earth Logic has partnered with major quarry companies to effectively control vibrations in underwater blasting.  Using groundbreaking technology, Deep Earth Logic along with Dr. Thierry Bernard and I-Blast advance scientific analysis, electronic detonators with the correct timing and analysis can be done in a way that eliminates the typical low frequencies and controls the vibration.

Please contact Deep Earth Logic for more specifics and examples of types of projects.