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Roger Reeder

Roger Reeder, President of Deep Earth Logic, is a graduate of Walker College and has been involved in the blasting and seismic consulting field for over 30 years. Roger's  hands-on experiences during this time includes blasting in coal, rock, and construction industries.  Roger also developed and taught the Alabama State Blasters Certification Course along with serving as the Director of the School of Mining at Bevil State College.  Along with hands on experience, Roger Reeder has been a key part of the development of the modern seismic monitoring industry through accurate seismograph monitoring programs.  Roger has served as an expert witness in zoning cases and public hearings.  Roger's key capabilities in interacting between the community and mining industry comes from the wealth of experience and knowledge that Roger brings through seismic interpretation in correlation to blasting activities and the offsite impacts of ground vibration and air overpressure.

Dr. Thierry Bernard

Dr. Thierry Bernard has over 25 years of experience in explosive engineering, blasting and mining industry worldwide.  Dr. Bernard is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in explosive and rock behavior. Dr. Bernard started out as a drill and blast manager with a quarry and construction group (SPADA) in France in early 1990 and became an international blasting consultant in 1992. Thierry was the founder of Delta Caps International, a pioneer in electronic detonator, and was a director of the electronic detonator division of BME Omnia Group (South Africa) from 2003 - 2017.  Thierry Bernard has used his

extensive years of scientific research and practical application to develop the most accurate scientific and physics based software in the industry known as I-Blast.   Thierry has been a key partner with

Deep Earth Logic bringing his international expertise to the local level.  This has been instrumental in solving such problems as eliminating low frequencies in underwater quarries and reducing vibration levels in problem areas.  The wealth of scientific knowledge Thierry contains is an asset to any mining issue involving fragmentation, vibration, and performance.

Dr. Esther Babcock

Esther Babcock, Ph.D. is a partner with Deep Earth Logic. Dr. Babcock received her B.S. in mathematics from the United States Air Force Academy, graduating in the top 5% of her class. She subsequently served in the Air Force as an officer and pilot, including one combat  tour in Afghanistan.  After her military service, Esther earned her M.Sc. in Environmental Science from the University of Arizona and her Ph.D. in Geophysics from Boise State University.  She also focused on water policy and public policy for land use and resource management in the American West.  Her geophysical field experience spans the globe, from Benin, Africa; to Inuvik, Canada; to the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica.  Dr. Babcock also has extensive experience with advanced data processing, including waveform inversion algorithms and multi-offset radar data analysis and interpretation.

John Babcock

John Babcock is a partner with Deep Earth Logic and currently serves in the Mid-West, Canada, and  he East Coast of United States.  John Babcock has had over 20 years experience in supervising complete seismic monitoring and blast analysis programs for major US companies. Currently, John Babcock oversees the seismograph analysis and vibration program for over 75 quarries. The responsibilities include re-permitting work, blast analysis, and neighbor impact evaluations.

John has served as an expert witness in the Virginia and Maryland courts of law based on peer review and scientific research. John Babcock has made extensive use of signature analysis and vibration mapping to improve fragmentation, reduce vibration, and ease perception of the vibration to nearby owners.